Specialist Interiors

Photo of Custom Hood replacement for a convertiblePhotograph of Mercades Interior

Car and Coach Trimmers pride ourselves on considering and applying our expertise to any job, consumer to commercial, even those out of the ordinary.

We’ll recover and repair utilitarian upholstery for construction vehicles (bulldozers, cranes, etc.) and where no kits exist or the client has individual requirements for example, strengthening the base or sides, Car and Coach Trimmers will do everything to ensure the perfect solution.

Larger jobs, suitable for commercial and promotional tasks are also in our scope. We’ve fitted interiors for call-out vans, ensuring that employees have interiors adequate to safely and professionally store and organise there tools, to luxury interiors for limousine fleets. Recently we’ve been responsible for interiors for bus interiors for Premiership Football Clubs from across the country.

If you’ve a project that you’d like to talk through with us, contact us for advise and a quotation.